Leaves by Carlalie

Dead Leaf by Carlalie

Path  by Carlalie 

Exploring contrast around me.... Playing with the light that Sun decided to offer to me this day. I fell in love with this little flower struggling for survival among all those dead leaves...
She really remind me. Contrast can be a difference in light and color but it can also between one thing and its environment.
I am struggling ...

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  1. Welcome back to the blogsphere and great to see some fresh work. Keep strong and I hope you find the force and inspiration to get through this difficult change of life. Du courage et Dieu te garde.

  2. Enfin le retouuuur !
    J'espère que tu vas bien :)

    J'aime ton jeu de contraste en noir et blanc ça donne un coté mystérieux à ton image :)

    Des bisous !

  3. Thank you OurManinAfrica ! You always believe in me, and that makes me go further :) God Bless u too

  4. hiiii yess annec je suis re-la ! :D . Mercii pour ta visite ca fait super plaisir . gros gros bisou

  5. hii audrey trop contente que tu reposte! jaim limages de la fleure parmis les feuilles mortes :)

  6. cc audrey! contente de te revoir!! jaim ton poste ! artistique :)

  7. ooh merciii melii ! hope k tu fera un tour souvent