Nail art

Today I want to talk about this fast growing trend : nail art . As you can see in my presentation I am kind of an artistic person. I can sing , I can dance , I can paint , I take pictures, I draw , I do portrait , I can even model clay ...

When it comes to a task demanding creativity or imagination I am always eager.But with,nail art my results are just awful lool ! I can't believe it. 
I still wonder how do they do all those details ... 

This is the work of one of my friend ! How beautiful it is !
Another friend's work - Melissa K 

I have tried  my best loool . I remenber I saw a tutorisl on my friend blog . The processed seemed very simple but reality slaped me again lool .

How is it possible
Let's put it in small size . i am ashamed lol

Oh God ! I always had excuses such as I have relatively small nails ( and it's true !) or I don't have the right materials but I have to admit ...

We must respect nail art girls they are true artists! 

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  1. Lol hee Audrey check out my tutorial and post the outcome I will see. If you keep doing it you'll improve your abilities!